From the blog

From the blog

A little about me, The Heavenly Chillbillies, and where we’re at now.

So as you may or may not know…I am Gabrial Mayer and I am the guitar player for a band called the Heavenly Chillbillies.  It’s a three piece band that plays blues, country, rock n’ roll, rock-a-billy, and a bunch of other stuff.  We like to call it Booze-Infused-Americana.  We love to play and write about the things that interest us most…mainly women, having a good time, and drinking beer :)  Earl Irving play’s bass and Mike Olzak plays the drums.  We also have a fourth guy named Mike Brown who plays a lot with us (more about him later).  We affectionately call him the fourth wobbly wheel.  Mike is also a very talented solo artist and producer who just helped us make our first record which should be ready to go in a few months.

Right now we’ve been together for about 2 years, and have played about 75 small shows in bars in the Buffalo, NY metro area.  Now that we have finally made our first record, and have honed our live show, we are ready to take it to the next level.  This blog is going to chronicle from this point on.

A little about us.  I like to fish, am an avid gamer (read that: I am straight up addicted to Lord of the Rings Online), and a bartender.  Mike has been playing drums for 25 years and owns Majestic Pizza in Cheektowaga, NY. Earl has been playing bass professionally for 35 years, likes to ride his motorcycle, and mooch food and beer from Mike and I :) .  Mike and Earl have been playing together for many years and moved out to Boston together when they were kids to become rock stars.  I met Earl a few years ago at the bar I work at…and wound up joining their band a month or two later.  Sparks flew and the rest is history.

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