From the blog

From the blog

People can be assholes no matter what side of the stage their on.

So…same night…two different places.  Watching one show…and I have ‘that guy’ in my way…you know the one who just will not budge either direction even though you have asked politely several times for him to move…and then when you go to get passed him he moves in to you.  Well he did that…even though we had been standing in the same spot for two hours…which was on the side…out of the way.  Any how…I wound up grabbing him firmly by the back of the neck and informed him that he need not rant any longer…I has said excuse me 3x.  Life goes on.

So an hour later…different venue, different show…I notice another annoying personality trait…this from some one who was going on the stage.  What is the deal with musicians who just are too stressed out by a gig…so much so that they can’t talk and be normal to people.  Playing a t shitty bar is such a big deal that they just can’t deal with it.  Just a personal observation…but if you have been playing for 20+ years, and you are really tweaked out by a local show in your home town…at a bar…on any random night…maybe it’s time for you to find a new hobby.

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