“This Buffalo band rips through a healthy catalog of blues, country, rock, and honky tonk; in other words, Americana. The Heavenly Chillbillies play with a wild and loud guitar-fronted recklessness a la Dan Baird, suited for gin mills and buckets of blood. Whether it’s a shuffle, a boogie, or a beer-soaked rave-up, the trio dishes out heaps of blue collar, redneck fun.”

— Frank De Blase, Rochester City Newspaper

“If Long Time Coming is any indication of what’s to come from The Heavenly Chillbilies, it’s safe to say that regardless of how the election shakes down in November, the next four years will be heavy on a domestic policy of booty shaking.”

— Leks Maltby, Toronto based Aside/Beside

“The Heavenly Chillbillies seem to settle for nothing less than a fun-filled romp on stage every night, this one being no exception. With a few calls to the fans, the band had the crowd singing along to lyrics like ‘My sister’s so mean she drinks gasoline,’ and one of the most famous lines in blues history, ‘Blues is my business, and business is good.’ When the crowd wasn’t singing, they were bobbing their necks or drumming on their tabletops. The beats were infectious, the riffs raw and real, and the bass heavy and strong.”

— Dean Goranites, Niagara Gazette

With a too cool mix of bluesy funky rock and country boogie woogie The Heavenly Chillbillies have unleashed their first disc the appropriately titled Long Time Coming.  The rock solid rhythm section of Irving and Olczak anchor things down as Mayer whales on the six string. Lots of good stuff on this one…

— Bob Sylvestri,

“Earl and Mike groove under Gabe’s smooth solos and the three part vocals run deep and rich. They aren’t afraid of anything, stretching and breaking genre boundaries on every track.”

— Greg Jackson, UpstateLIVE Magazine

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