From the blog

From the blog

The ‘Veg Drive’ is coming!!!


We are trying to convert our beloved Jambulance to run on vegetable oil and solar power. When the project is done the Jambulance will transform from a mundane touring vehicle in to an environmentally friendly and totally unique travelling performance space. Gig-on-wheels, port-a-party, what ever you want to call it! It will enable us to set up and perform a show anywhere without depending on traditional power hook-ups. It will also help us to dramatically decrease our over head when touring allowing us to travel further for less money. All of this will be happening by dramatically decreasing our impact on the environment.

On September 15th we will be launching a fundraising campaign at to help us reach this goal. A variety of rewards will be available people who are interested in contributing. With your help we can reach our goal!!!

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